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At its third consecutive winter event in Monaco, Artcurial celebrates the intimate bonds between women and timepieces. On this purpose, Artcurial invited a special guest to apply her creative signature on the pages of the auction catalogue. Alexandra Golovanoff, the fashion journalist, daughter of an antique dealer and a great lover of beautiful objects has created a gallery of portraits exclusively for Artcurial. She stages close friends and relatives linking the precious object to its owner by defying all conventions and preconceived notions.

Sales:              17th – 19th January 2018 in Monte-Carlo

Location:        Yacht Club de Monte-Carlo, Quai Louis II, 98000 Monte-Carlo

Besides the traditional Jewellery, the Collector timepieces and the Hermès Winter Collection, the auction house will present to collectors and enthusiasts a supplementary collection entitled «Time au Féminin».

A-first-of-its-kind auction in the world, «Time au Féminin» explores the relation between a woman and the beauty object that is simultaneously jewellery, accessory and a wonderful mechanical feat in the retrospective of the last 70 years of timekeeping.

Alexandra Golovanoff for Artcurial © Flavien Prioreau


This auction is completely dedicated to ladies’ watches. 80 pieces collected over the last 18 months by Marie Sanna-Legrand, Director of Artcurial’s Collector Timepiece Department, will be displayed for sale.

Estimate: €6,000 – 8,000/ $6,800 – 9,000

We especially await ladies, to whom we dedicate this unique thematic auction. From the must-have to the vintage cuff, this auction is first and foremost a story of style. The Collector Timepiece auction presents the essential references of the genre: Calatrava, Autavia, Daytona, Royal Oak, Luminor and GMT Master in both their vintage and contemporary models” – Marie Sanna-Legrand

CARTIER, lady’s wristwatch in gold and diamonds around 1950 © ARTCURIAL

Estimate: €4,000 – 6,000 / $4,500 – 6,800

The watches will be organised in 6 chapters: the Icons (including the Ellipse by Patek Philippe), the Minis (including a mini Tank Cartier), the Bracelets (including gold and semi-precious stone masterpieces by Piaget), Haute Joallerie, the Timeless and the Sports (Rolex in the first place).

«Dazzling Surprises» is an auction dedicated to jewellery. Great names from Place Vendôme (Cartier, Boucheron, Chanel,Van Cleef & Arpels, Buccelati) will be highlighted with exceptional pieces that will doubtlessly seduce not only the Monegasques, but also the stringent requirements of Artcurial’s clientele, gathered from the four corners of the globe.

Alexandra Golovanoff for Artcurial © Flavien Prioreau

A magnificent piece from Maison Cartier, from a private collection, will undoubtedly become the object of all desires.

Cartier, Pair of ear clips, platinum, octagonal diamonds, sapphires @Artcurial

Estimate: €60,000 – 80,000 / $70,500 – 95,000

Surprising souvenirs from a royal collection will spark the interest of enthusiasts, with a dozen of pieces signed by Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Schlumberger.

A Chanel set « Ombres de Charmes », including a ring, a bracelet and earrings in onyx and diamonds, will be auctioned to the delight of fans of the great French luxury designer. Lovers of fine gems can admire some of the surprising pieces by Boivin, including the yellow gold and platinum bracelet formed with six multi-coloured sapphires and three peridots (approx. 40cts), estimate €25,000 – 35,000/ $ 30,000 – 40,000.

This event hosted in the Principality is the occasion to gather together the ultimate, top of the line from the celebrated brand.

Alexandra Golovanoff for Artcurial © Flavien Prioreau
Alexandra Golovanoff for Artcurial © Flavien Prioreau
Alexandra Golovanoff for Artcurial © Flavien Prioreau


«The Hermès Winter Collection 2018» The most emblematic bags such as the Birkin, Kelly, Constance and the Plume are offered in unique versions, most of them issued from private orders that will undoubtedly surprise international collectors and passionate enthusiasts, seeking the rare gem amongst this prestigious set. Cherry red, Scheherazade pink, Clémence Menthe, peacock or storm blue are just some of the colours to illuminate this unforgettable auction.

The biggest stars of the auction remain the iconic bags, such as the emerald crocodile Kelly 35 cm estimate €38,000 – 48,000 / $44,500 – 55,000 or the taurillon leather Clémence Menthe Birkin 30cm, estimate € 10,000 – 15,000 /$ 11,500 – 17,000.

Hermès 2011, Kelly Bag 35, Green Estuary Crocodile Emeraude @Artcurial

Mini formats of the luxury French house are also highlighted. Enthusiasts can acquire a unique version of the Pochette Kelly in smooth Scheherazade pink, estimate €25,000 – 35,000 / $30,000 – 40,000 or the magnificent Constance 18 cm in smooth Storm blue alligator estimate €25,000 –35,000 / $30,000 – 40,000.

The Hermès Winter Collection 2018 auction includes a rainbow of colours and a wide selection of mini sizes. Birkin, Kelly or Constance, the most Hermès iconic bags continue to dazzle us throughout these unusual editions.” Pénélope Blanckaert, Director  Hermès Vintage & Fashion Arts, Artcurial

Alexandra Golovanoff for Artcurial © Flavien Prioreau

Behind each object, there is a suggestion of a family story, of transmission. Each generation appropriates the object, making it their own with their personal touch and their age. As the pages unfold, history is written.

The Principality confirms once again Artcurial’s leading position. Last January, during the second edition, Artcurial totalled more than €5,6 M / $6 M in sales revenue, a progression of 30 % compared to 2015.

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Roxana Florina Popa is the author and self-publisher of the book “Beauty Elegance Creativity – 12 Interviews on the Act of Creation

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