RUG STAR Oxidised Collection

Oxidised is a collection of ultimate experiences in deep Intimacy territories:

Becoming the blue sky beyond a sacred window

Touching the brilliance of a snake skin

Rejoicing Blessed abundance and the Tree of Life

Discovering dragons alive in vivid painting artistry

Embracing biblical experiences, the strength of animals and the Skin of Light

Engaging in the motion of the wheels of time.

Great Gatsby Time No. 1 Copyright RUG STAR
Photo credit Michael Tewes

Manufacturing in Persian weave, Jürgen Dahlmanns pays homage to the Mughals who introduced the Persian art of weaving to northern India 500 years ago. 20% thicker thanks to tight knitting, the Oxidised carpets have up to 300,000 knots per square meter offering exceptional quality and delectation.

A technical virtuosity, oxidisation creates an inimitable patina and metallic finishing and makes RUG STAR’s exclusive signature. The Persian knot’s special structure withstands oxidisation and allows the designer to express the intimacy of skin and surfaces with the time and civilization and obtain an authentic, natural transformation into treasurable antiques.

Ikat Dragon No. 5 Copyright RUG STAR
Photo credit Michael Tewes

Each carpet articulates space not only through architectural functionality and multi-layered features, but also through the conveyed atmosphere of far-away, never-seen times, lands and peoples’ movements.

Exquisite beautiful patterns of Persian, Chinese and European heritage are preciously selected and combined with symbols of the philosophical reflections and the life experiences of the designer.