Ville Propre 2011 by DRAN, known as the French Banksy © Artcurial


Made in Urban celebrates 10 years from the creation of the Urban Art Department at Artcurial


Exhibition:     From Thursday 20th to Monday 24th October 2016

Sales:                25th October 2016 at 8pm

Location:        7, Rond Point des Champs-Elysées, Paris


For the 2nd time, Artcurial will organise an URBAN ART auction during the FIAC.

The event will present a branch of contemporary art which is not very present at the art fair and yet sought after by French and International contemporary art collectors in Paris at this time. The auction follows on from the success of the 2015 edition the Beautiful Winners, which went beyond estimates and totalled over 1,6M Euro/1,8M USD, with 81% of the lots sold. Since 2006, at the initiative of the auctioneer, Arnaud Oliveux, Artcurial has been one of the leaders to promote street art on the international scene.



This sale, with around 80 lots will focus on the current French and international underground scenes showing work by DRAN, INVADER and SHEPARD FAIREY.

DRAN, the artist who is the “French Banksy”, carefully observes and criticises our society, tracing on paper and canvas cynical visions of contemporary human behavior. Inside, his autobiographical work shown at the exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in March 2015, really stood out and caused a stir. Now on sale is Ville Propre made in 2011 – estimation 20000 – 30000 Euro / 22000 – 33000 USD. This work embodies the artist’s graphic and childlike style, as well as his sharp humour and spirit.


Alias PA 1030 2013 by INVADER © Artcurial

INVADER has become an omnipresent icon in the last 20 years using Space Invaders as the starting point of his inspiration and brought the video game to life aiming to invade the planet. The French mosaic artist has been striking again and again making small tiled mosaics. Artcurial will auction off a monumental piece which is almost 2-meter high entitled ALIAS PA 1030. It is one of the largest pieces to belong to a private collector. It is estimated at 250000 – 350000 Euro / 275000-385000 USD.


A panorama of the American graffiti art from the 1970s and 1980s – having institutionalised street art in the USA and later, in the whole world – will also be on offer with pieces by leading figures of the scene such as DONDI WHITE and FUTURA 2000.

One of the FUTURA2000 paintings on offer was part of the decoration for the H.I.P.H.O.P. TV show on air in 1984 on TFI – estimation 20000 – 30000 Euro / 22000 – 33000 USD. Presented by Sidney, this TV show enabled HIP HOP culture to be televised in France and sparked its popular craze. This piece with its sparkling colours represents alone a whole generation of Europeans who discovered the US rap, breakdance and hip-hop scene.


Untitled 1984 by FUTURA2000 © Artcurial

DONDI WHITE – for whose work Dark Continent of Kings Artcurial holds the world record with an auction price of 101000 Euro / 115332 USD (including premium) on the 4th of February 2015 –  is one of the leaders who helped street art enter art galleries and museums. His canvas paintings are among the most expensive and sought after works on the market. Two works are on sale, including the 1983 painting Untitled with a green D – estimation 25000-35000 Euro / 27500 – 38500 USD.



VHILS, one of the youngest artists whose reputation spread across the world last year, comes from Portugal. He uses old political-utopist murals and advertising panels from Lisbon’s 1970s. Unlike other artists who cut and paste images, he removes material to highlight urban life and hidden faces. The auctioned door INSCULPT#2 was recycled, sculptured and engraved – estimation 15000-20000 Euro/ 16500 -22000 USD.


INSCULPT#2 2012 by VHILS ©Artcurial

“In just 10 years, street art has become a regonised art movement on the international contemporary art market scene.

Since we developed this specialty within Artcurial, a generation of contemporary street artists emerged creating quite a stir on the primary art market and in the auction rooms. The pieces we have selected for this anniversary auction are iconic and retrace a history of the artistic movement. Arnaud Oliveux, Auctioneer, Urban Art Department


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