Mélodie de l’Amour Extrait

A morning with Mélodie de l’Amour is a fresh, reenergising waking-up after a deep, resting sleep thanks to the Indian Jasmine and the Lily of the Valley’s green sensuality prompting an enthusiast desire to conquer the big city glowing in the hot summer sun. This perfume is an experience that continues with a frugal, fruity breakfast in an elegant, high-life café-patisserie where every bit is abundantly creamy just like the Creamy Peach scent and spiced by a slight glazing of pink Tuberoses. Fresh and pure scents are all you need against global warming, keeping your thinking clear during the whole day through the power of Musk. They inspire you in the office with versatile propositions at the negotiation table which you present with the diplomacy induced by delicately persistent sweet notes of white flowers.

Mélodie de l’amour is all about a state of confidence and dynamism that only love can provide. It is the lover that shows you the scintillating stars on the night sky on the balcony of a cheerful party and the mild wind wrapping around you on the promenade of the marina.

The breezy Gardenia scent on top together with the Cedarwood Oil and the Musk in the base notes make it a remarkable perfume not only for her, but definitely also for him. On the cooling herbal rocks, please!

Points of Sale: Jovoy Parfums Rares Paris 

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