What would you serve with Oudh Infini – from DUSITA’s newest French niche perfume collection – to complement its spicy bouquet and soft, hide-and-seek-playing and equilibrating salty modulation?

The most sumptuous of Pissara Umavijani’s first perfume collection accepts to be invited only over a very refined dinner of Parisian molecular gastronomy. Oudh Infini is so opulent and gourmand that it intimately nourishes you by itself.

This perfume really deserves to tone down everything around it. Just let its long-lasting base note of Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar, its top-note blend of Oude Palao from Laos with the sweet-refreshing Orange Flower Blossom from Tunisia run the show of your dazzling fragrant appearance.

What is the mysterious elixir she is wearing? Through the Oudh smoky fragrance, the others understand something is happening. Something new and so seductive unforgettably changed the ambient that only the rare note of Musk will save them and clear their way at the calling of an exotic adventure and discovery of the Orient.

To fully stir its potential for making your personality visible, I imagine it best suited with pure, monochrome, structured garments:

White to let yourself caressed by the balsamic notes of Siamese Benzoin and the precious Rose de Mai. Red to catch fire from the Oude Palao and the sensual Indian Sandalwood from Mysore. Yellow to allow the fabulously rich note of Musk rest on your delicate skin just like spring sprouts enjoy clear sunrays.

In combination with Graphite, Oudh Infini invokes the ashes of ancient Oudh rituals in the far-away Middle East lands and the Indian subcontinent and indulges your senses in their nocturnal fire.




What about winter, what will you wear for skiing? Right now, I can’t even wait to push the dynamic stream of Oudh Infini to meet its contrast: snow, fresh air and skiing fueled by the hot, versatilely surfacing ingredients. Here comes the season to burn the Oudh on a beautiful, dark and starlit evening around the chalet fireplace!




Waking up to the reality of a November morning:

Oudh Infini’s sweet and Musk incenses have been blooming overnight unique tempting flowers on my pillow of white Damask fine cloth. They revealed their true identity and breathing them all so deeply, I feel delicate and delicious!!!

Points of sale: Jovoy Parfums Rares Paris

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