Jean Claude Mezières, Valerian, Brooklyn station Terminus Cosmos

© Artcurial

                                Exhibitions:    From Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th of April 2017

                                Sales:                 8th April 2017

                                Location:         7, Rond-Point des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris

Tintin, a young Belgian reporter pursuing a villain in the streets of Chicago and Corte Maltese, the sea-captain who carved his own fate line with his father’s razor, are fascinating characters in Artcurial’s upcoming  comic strips auction this 8th of April.

While the hard-to-find-on-the-market illustration Tintin en Amérique receives the highest estimation as the first offered black and white off-text and representative of the legendary years of the Petit Vingtième,

€600 000 and 700 000/$660 000 – 770 000


Hergé Tintin en Amérique 1937 Encre de chine sur papier ©HergéMoulinsart2017

A strip from Philippe Druillet’s most beautiful album, La Nuit, raises questions, overtakes by rage and chaos, providing no more landmarks or lights. The scattered lines express the artist’s determination.

€40,000 – 50,000 / $44,000 – 55,000

Philippe Druillet, La Nuit – © Artcurial

The lovers of comic strips can find original, valuable iconic pieces of the universe of Tintin`s creator, Georges Remi (aka Hergé) and of the classic and contemporary space of the ninth art.


Artcurial established its Comic Strip Department in 2005 and quickly became world leader in the field.  A new world-record was attained for Hergé last November with the sale of the simple strip of the album On a marché sur la Lune, published in 1954, for €1.55 M /$ 1.66 m.

« The sales we have organised dedicated to the universe of Tintin’s creator are today’s market reference. Artcurial has achieved the world’s highest prices, both for Hergé and Comic Strips. We are pleased to offer yet again works never before seen on the market. »

Eric Leroy, Expert

Comic Strips, Artcurial

Hergé Tintin en Amérique 1937 coloured on calque ©HergéMoulinsart2017

All Hergé’s talent is represented: A beautiful perspective, an elegant sensation of speed and dynamic gestures. These illustrations, the only ones printed in colour, in black and white albums, were a significant innovation of this decade.

€60,000 – 80,000  /  $66,000 – 88,000

Next in value  is Franquin’s wonderful strip of Gaston Lagaffe, illustrating the great years of the Spirou publication.

€35,000 – 45,000  / $38,500 – 49,500

Hugo Pratt will be highlighted with a remarkable Celtique strip including Corto Maltese visiting the famous Stonehenge site.

€30,000 – 40,000  /$33,000 – 44,000

Further, his aquarelle from the Et in Helvetia Corto portfolio, representing the township of Thurgovie.

Hugo Pratt, Et in Helvetia Corto – © Artcurial

According to Hugo Pratt, exoticism is not necessarily dependent on the latitude where you are located, and a passion for history, Switzerland and its townships, some of which were created by Bonaparte, then First Consul, particularly affect him.

€15,000 / 20,000/ $16,500 – 22,000 each

The new Tintin announced by a very attractive set of drawings published in Le Soir in 1942 – Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge. At this time, stories appeared in the form of daily strips, prior to being gathered into an album at a later date. In this beautiful illustration published on 8th June 1942, we find Captain Haddock wielding a sword, with Tintin and Milou.

Hergé Capitaine Haddock et Tintin ©HergéMoulinsart2017

For the fans, the sketch of La Licorne carried by Tintin €12,000 – 18 000/ $13 200 – 19 800 and a beautiful Indian ink drawing inspired by l’Île noire, representing Tintin dressed in a kilt, playing bagpipes €5,000 – 8,000/ $5,500 – 8,800.

€12,000 – 15,000/$13,200 – 16 500

Among illustrators, many colour drawings from Jean-Marc Reiser as well as a Jean-Jacques Sempé illustration, Fête à Tahiti.

Jean-Jacques Sempé, Fête à Tahiti – © Artcurial


Science-fiction fans will rejoice to find Jean-Claude Mézières and several important strips of the spatio-temporal adventures of Valérian and Laureline with Brooklyn Station-Terminus Cosmos €8,000- 12 000 / $8,800 – 13,200 and L’Ordre des pierres  €10,000- 15,000 / $11,500 – 16,500. In Brooklyn Station-Terminus Cosmos, the artist focuses on Infinity and temporal deconstruction while preserving the human will of its heroes. Laureline’s face occupies a central place. It draws towards it questions and dreams.

€ 6,000- 8 000 /$6,600 – 8,800

More of Hergé’s own childhood in Flupke à l’école. The artist allows himself more fantasy with Quick and Flupke than with Tintin: sometimes exaggeration, sometimes a great lack of discipline. Here, the exemplary and boring, rule-bound reality of adults is bypassed with great humour:

« C´est ça votre rédaction sur le lait ? … Quatre lignes? …

Oui, Monsieur, j´ai parlé du lait condensé… »

€6,000- 8,000 / $6,600 – 8,800

American comic strips will be represented by Jack Kirby and The Fantastic Four, from the Marvel Comics series.

A piece sold in aid of the association

Paris Tout P’tits 

From April to July 2017, the Association Paris Tout P’tits will be highlighted in a selection of auctions organised by Artcurial. In more than fifteen of the sales listed on the calendar whose topics range from Comics to Design, Vintage Hermès to Urban art, Watchmaking to Fine Wines & Spirits, one or several works will be sold in aid of the association Paris Tout P’tits.

The first lot will be sold in the Comic Strip sale of 8th April, an acrylic on canvas for an original piece created in 2017, Sans titre, by Walter Minus. It’s starting price is set at €500/ $550.