“Under the Eye of Elie Top”: Pre-auction Jewellery Exhibition at Artcurial Paris


ARTCURIAL           MONACO  Hermitage Hotel    Sale Date: 16th  to  21st  July  2016


For the first time in history, Artcurial has invited a leading figure from the fashion world to cast his eye and comment on the selection gathered by the auction house. The famous jewellery designer and Artistic Director for Lanvin Bijoux, Elie Top, will offer his vision and illustrate the three catalogues with beautiful ink and pastel drawings.

Elie Top pour Artcurial, Ete 21016 - Butterfly

Elie Top will reveal his selection during a Parisian exhibition held at Artcurial during 24th to 27th June 2016. It will be an occasion to see a poetic panorama of the three centuries of jewellery and watch creations and also enter into the luxury world of Hermès.

One will be able to trace the designer’s selection in the auction catalogue in the form of ink and pastel illustrations with models wearing some of the most beautiful pieces. This poetic mis en scène somewhere between surrealism and futurism offers a fresh vision mixing styles and genres.

Elie Top pour Artcurial, Ete 21016 - Watch

Elie Top’s PREFACE

“I am thrilled to accept Artcurial’s invitation as I am personally an avid reader of auction catalogues. I often collect catalogues and use them as references, as jewellery publications are quite rare and don’t offer the same exciting scope.

With catalogues, one always discovers delights and it is a good way of forming one’s taste. I have fun testing myself and guessing the jewellery designers behind the creations.

On a similar note, diving into the world of Hermès leather allowed me to learn more this art. I was surprised to see how much I loved certain famous models, but in a similar format rare bags with fine detailed finishings.

Elie Top pour Artcurial, Ete 21016 - Green watch

The world of watches is one that I have never explored as a designer and it was a real pleasure to be guided and to discover so much creativity with such precisions and fine mechanisms which remind me of my first jewellery line “Mécanique céleste” which was heavily influenced by armillary spheres.

To explain the reason behind my favourite pieces, I wanted to imagine two types of collectors:

  • An adventurous soul, with varied taste, a glamurous seductive lady who is passionate about modern and bold jewellery which she integrates into her look in a daringly harmonious way.
  • A wealthy yet more classical lady who is both sensitive and cultivated and who adds daring touches of her jewellery to her naturally elegant and aristocratic look.


Portrait Elie Top © DR

After studying at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in Paris, Elie Top begain his career as one of Monsieur´s last assistants at Yves Saint-Laurent. When Alber Elbaz became Artistic Director of the Rive Gauche line, Elie Top began designing his first accessories, jewellery and handbags. The collaboration continues today for the Lanvin collections. He has also worked regularly with other fashion houses such as Roger Vivier with Bruno Frisoni, Loulou de la Falaise and also with Daniel Swarowski.

His style tends towards a very elaborated sketch characterised by its strength and pure lines, attention to detail and assembly: Couture know-how that skillfully slides into a contemporary spirit.

In May 2015, he created his own jewellery brand and presented his debut collection called “Mécaniques Célestes“, which was closely followed by “Etoiles Mystérieuses“. His creative universe which is greatly inspired by the first half of the 20th century (from Viennese style from the 1910s to the end of the French Art Deco period in the 1940s) mixes gold, silver, stone and diamonds.

Artcurial in Monte-Carlo –Following  the  successes  of  the  July  2015 sales,  which  for  the  third  year  running  realised  over  10M€/ 11M$  and  the winter  season  of  sales  which  took  place  in January 2016  at  the  Yacht  Club  in Monaco,  Artcurial  will return to  the  Principality  from  16th  to  22nd  July  2016.  This summer  season  of  sales  will  take  place  at  the  prestigious Hermitage Hotel  and  offer the  Artcurial  luxury  specialities such  as  fine  jewellery,  collector  watches  and  Hermès Summer  Collection,  which  have  proved to  be  so  popular  in Monaco over the past 11 years.

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